Monday, April 4, 2011

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Concept inspiration

Here are some inspirational architecture images for my concept for the honours degree project. The building I'm designing is going to be a Lower Secondary School in Oslo, Norway.

My concept is cohesion which represents the "glue" that connects people. Learning, social, teamwork, development and friends are keywords that lead to the concept of cohesion.

The architecture in the images are mainly Zaha Hadid's design. I believe the fluid architecture represents the ideology behind the concept of cohesion.

Design theory film summary 2

Design theory film summary 1

3Dmax renders

Here are a few 3d renders I have done in class today. The renders are external views of the existing building I have chosen for my honours degree project. The building is located along the Aker river in Oslo, Norway. These are not finished renders but it's as far as I have come at this point. I'm slowly but surely getting there. These finished renders are due for hand up next week.